SMMPA is a sponsoring utility in Minnesota's Electric Transmission System, an initiative designed to help meet the growing need for improved electricity transmission.


The Minnesota State Biennial Transmission Projects Report was established by the Minnesota Legislature in 2001. The requirement is found in Minn. Stat. § 216B.2425. That law requires utilities that own or operate electric transmission facilities in the state to report by November 1 of each odd numbered year on the status of the transmission system, including identifying possible solutions to anticipated inadequacies in the transmission system.


The Minnesota Department of Commerce has concluded that ensuring that Minnesota consumers continue to enjoy the benefits of a reliable electric transmission infrastructure capable of providing those consumers with access to low-priced and renewable generation.


The Minnesota transmission planning process can help fill this need by providing the public and policy makers a better opportunity for meaningful input in the early stages of transmission planning. Through increased public participation and elimination of redundant individual certificate of need proceedings, the state transmission planning process is designed to provide a more expeditious review and certification of transmission projects in the public interest.


For more information on this and related projects, please visit the Minnesota Electric Transmission System website.