Sustainability means different things to different people and can certainly encompass a wide variety of activities. At Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (SMMPA), we embrace the diverse interpretations of the term.  


Providing reliable power to our eighteen member utilities means critical support services needed to provide a sustainable community are in place. Keeping wholesale electricity prices affordable means businesses in the community can grow and prosper while providing sustainable employment. We never lose sight of the important role reliable and affordable electricity plays in addressing that first definition of sustainability.


We are also keenly aware of the important role we play in addressing the second, environmentally-focused, definition of sustainability.  For SMMPA, reliability, affordability and environmental responsibility create the three-legged stool that serves as the foundation of our Agency.  It reflects what is important to us as an organization - but more important – it reflects what is important to the citizens of our eighteen member communities.


Click here to download our brochure, which highlights some of the activities that are part of SMMPA’s overall commitment to sustainability under both definitions.


Our Changing
Generation portfolio

Since 2005, SMMPA has added signifcant wind and solar  generation to its portfolio, while expanding its natural gas generation fleet and decreasing its coal generation.


REducing our carbon footprint

SMMPA met the State of Minnesota’s goal of a 15% reduction carbon emissions by 2015, and is on track
to meeting the 30% reduction goal by 2025.


emission reduction efforts

The Agency has made significant progress on reducing a  emissions through a number of different initiatives – all of which improve air quality.


Electric Vehicle promotion

Customers of our member utilities are eligible to receive a $3,500 special rebate off MSRP from Nissan on the purchase of the 100% electric Nissan LEAF®.


protecting pollinators

By working with our member communities, the Agency has established over 45 Monarch Butterfly habitats to help ensure the ongoing survival of the butterfly.


community Impact

Whether it be through local employment, involvement in projects in our member communities, or other means, SMMPA is proud to have positive community impact.



SMMPA is committed to recycling, both at an office-level and in its larger-scale construction efforts. For example, more than 600 tons of scrap steel was recycled during the Fairmont Energy Station construction in 2011.