The Badger-Coulee transmission project, which began in May 2016, is constructing 180-miles of high voltage transmission line from La Crosse, Wisconsin to the western edge of Madison, Wisconsin. That line, scheduled to be in service by the end of 2018, will connect to the Hampton-Rochester-La Crosse line at the substation north of La Crosse.


SMMPA and other CapX2020 participants with ownership in the Hampton-Rochester-La Crosse line were able to invest in this project.


The Agency is investing $35 million in a 6.5% share of the project through SMMPA Wisconsin, LLC, a subsidiary formed to own transmission in Wisconsin. SMMPA's partners in the project are Xcel Energy, Dairyland Power Cooperative, WPPI Energy, and American Transmission Company, a Wisconsin-based transmission-only utility. 


SMMPA's investment in this project helps offset costs allocated to the Agency from other regional transmission projects.