— Established in 1949 —

Grand Marais public Utilities has been serving the electric,
sewer and water needs of the community for nearly 70 years.


THe Value of public power


Local Values, Local Control

As a public utility, Grand Marais Public Utilities is governed by a 3 person commission comprised of Grand Marais residents who are customers of the utility, and who are familiar with its operations and services.

Decisions about the operation and rates of Grand Marais Public Utilities are made by community members, at open, public meetings. Because utility decisions get made locally, the utility is better positioned to respond to the community’s needs, while building on its strengths and advancing its values.

And whether a customer has a compliment or complaint, he or she can discuss the issue locally, and they can be assured that their voice will be heard.

Keeping Dollars in Grand Marais

Grand Marais Public Utilities is an engine for economic development — be it through local job creation or utility incentives to spur growth. All utility employees live and work in Grand Marais, or the surrounding area, and they take pride supporting local business and helping keep dollars in the community.

Local Response, Local reliability

With a large distribution system and nearly 6 MW of generation, residents of Grand Marais
benefit from having localized crews to quickly respond to outages and other emergency situations.


Beyond keeping the lights on …

Whether it is providing energy efficiency rebates,

offering an opportunity to get involved with solar

energy or simply being the ones who pick up

the phone when you call, we strive to help our

community in any way we can.