SMMPA is a relatively small organization with roughly 50 employees.  Nonetheless, having that many jobs paying family supporting wages does have a positive economic impact in the area.  The $30 million expansion of Fairmont Energy Station and the $39 million construction of the Owatonna Energy Station also had a positive impact on the local communities through construction jobs and to the extent possible, the sourcing of materials and contracting with local companies in the construction process.


While more geographically diverse, SMMPA’s investment in transmission-related infrastructure also has a positive impact on the state and local economies.


SMMPA seeks to be a good neighbor in supporting development in our headquarters city of Rochester, Minnesota.  SMMPA worked with the company developing the parcel north of its headquarters by allowing use of the Agency’s north parking lot during the projected 18 month construction period.  While presenting some challenges for employee and visitor parking, this cooperation is, in a small way, helping Rochester achieve its vision to become a global destination medical center.