Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (SMMPA) is a not-for-profit joint-action agency formed in 1977 during a time of increasing demand for electricity. Member utilities united through joint action and rallied behind their shared purpose of securing a long-term energy solution. By using the collective strength of SMMPA, the Agency was able to invest in a long-term source of reliable and affordable power – Sherco 3.


Today, joint action remains a timeless solution for managing the challenges of a complex and dynamic industry. We’re diversifying our energy mix by adding cleaning-burning natural-gas generation and renewable sources like the wind and solar. We’re strengthening the electric grid that delivers energy to homes, businesses and industry. And we’re helping customers find ways to understand, manage and reduce their energy use. 

Through joint action, the combined strength of SMMPA’s
members leads to more effective and efficient solutions.

SMMPA is made up of about 50 employees who support their members in the following areas: Operations, Finance & Accounting, and Corporate Development & Agency Relations. Within our staff, more than 25 employees have bachelor's degrees, eight employees hold master's degrees, six are professional engineers, three are certified public accountants, and three are certified energy managers. 


Since many SMMPA employees have been in the industry at least 15 years, the Agency is able to rely on a wealth of professional experience and expertise. Member utilities regularly express their appreciation for the skill of the team members and quality of service they receive from the Agency.


Our Vision

Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency will be a national leader in energy services and joint action innovation.


Our Mission

To draw together public power communities to provide economical and reliable wholesale energy and other services.

SMMPA Values

We are dedicated to our member communities and take responsibility for the efficient, cost effective and reliable
delivery of electricity and services in an environmentally responsible manner. In doing so, we are committed to the following values.



We conduct ourselves according to high ethical standards and adhere to principles of honesty, trust, accountability and fairness.

Team Work

We derive strength through joint action and cooperation. We respect, support and care about one another.



 We strive to be forward thinking, action–oriented and creative.


We promote a safe, healthy and productive workplace, a learning environment and an enjoyable atmosphere.

Our Board of Directors

SMMPA is governed by a seven-member board of directors who are elected by and from the ranks of our 18 member representatives. The Board, as a group, acts to adopt rules and regulations, consistent with the Agency Agreement and Bylaws, for the management, administration and regulation of SMMPA’s affairs.



Mark j. fritsch

Owatonna Public Utilities


Board Member

Mark E. Nibaur

Austin Utilities

Vice President

Joseph A. Hoffman

Preston Public Utilities


Board Member

Stuart T. Smith

Spring Valley Public Utilities


Mark R. Kotschevar

Rochester Public Utilities


Board Member

Peter T. Moulton

Saint Peter Municipal Utilities


Bruce A. Reimers

New Prague Utilities Commission


Our Leadership Team


dave geschwind

Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer

Mark Mitchell

Director of Operations & Chief Operating Officer

Chris Schoenherr

Director of Agency and Government Relations & Chief External Affairs Officer 

John Winter

Director of Finance and Accounting & Chief Financial Officer