demand side management

Demand Side Management (DSM) is based on the planning and implementation of programs and services that help and encourage customers to use electricity wisely. Working together with our member utilities and their customers, we have reduced electricity consumption while maintaining quality and comfort.

While our operations focus on the supply, generation and transmission of electricity, our DSM efforts focus on customers' best use of electricity. DSM strategies and technologies help customers use electricity efficiently. Since our members are community-owned, our goal with DSM is to provide benefits for the customer and the community as a whole.

As DSM reduces energy consumption, the need for new generation is delayed. DSM programs also enable us to work together with our members and their customers to reduce peak demands. Our DSM programs help control electricity costs and rates for our members, which leads to financial benefits for us all. Because DSM reduces electricity use, less fuel is used to generate electricity and therefore fewer emissions are produced, ultimately benefiting the environment.

At SMMPA, we are committed to helping our members' customers use energy wisely. Through our members, we offer customers a variety of DSM programs to encourage them to adopt energy-efficient equipment, reduce electricity consumption and help protect the environment.

  • SMMPA and its members provide financial rebates and incentives to all types of customers, from homeowners to large industrial customers, making it easier for them to adopt energy-saving equipment
  • SMMPA and its members offer the Technical Seminar Series to deliver any technical information commercial/industrial customers need to enhance their competitiveness and maximize profitability
  • SMMPA and its members offer load management programs designed to control system peak demands and help delay the need for investment in new generation